MTA steps up mask enforcement as COVID-19 cases climb

The MTA is stepping up mask enforcement as COVID-19 cases are going up and mask compliance is going down.
Trains are beginning to fill up again as the delta variant is spreading across New York.
Riders tell News 12 that the MTA isn't making sure people are wearing their masks.
MTA officials say mask compliance has fallen to 80% to 90%. To bring that number up to 100%, it said it will add signs and make more announcements on intercoms reminding people to mask up.
"The MTA PD initiated a mask blitz at select stations during rush hours to inform customers that masks are still required. Further, we continue our mask force program with volunteers and continue to offer free masks to those needing them at all of our stations," says MTA Chief Safety Officer Patrick Warren.
Riders say they're noticing some of those changes already.
"They made a few announcements for everyone to be masked and everyone complied," says Loren Diperi, of Ossining.
Riders tell News 12 they don't think the MTA should ask for proof of vaccination, saying the process would likely cause delays and an invasion of privacy.