Mt. Vernon High School implements new measures after multiple fights on school grounds

Officials at a Westchester high school say disciplinary changes need to be made after multiple fights occurred on school grounds.
Students in grades 9 through 12 at Mount Vernon High School had a half-day Friday as the district worked to implement a plan that it hopes will help reduce fights.
Videos obtained by News 12 show two girls involved in a fight inside the high school building. One girl is seen repeatedly kicking and punching another student and dragging her to the ground.
The fight happened as other students stood around to take pictures on their cellphones.
Another video shot just outside the school shows two other girls involved in a fight with students watching.
Sources tell News 12 these fights are just two of more than a dozen fights that broke out at the high school this week.
The school district is moving to take what it's calling "swift and decisive action" to stop this type of behavior.
The district’s plan includes adjusting the school's in-person learning schedule through Nov. 18, having teachers monitor hallways during transitions between classes and strengthening suspension terms.
Administrators or security will escort students to class or when leaving the building for the day.
The school district superintendent issued a statement that said in part, “We are addressing this national trend in student behavioral problems at the local level right now, as we are seeing a similar rise at Mount Vernon High School. We are warning our students that these types of behaviors will not be tolerated."
District officials are urging parents to pay attention to what their kids are doing online.
Some other safety protocols that will be put in place include the closure of the high school's courtyard and strengthening of crisis intervention practices.