Mount Vernon woman raises funds for homeless man to get food, hotel room for 1 week

A Mount Vernon woman who saw a homeless man outside during Sunday's snowstorm felt compelled to help him – so she took to social media.
Victoria Ryer says she posted a picture of the homeless man named Darryl sitting outside on a park bench covered in snow in the freezing cold.
It only took her three hours to raise a little more than $800 - money she used to get the man a hotel room for an entire week.
"I want to be an inspiration to people to pay it forward. Help anyone you can because you never know what someone is going through," she says.
Ryer says she's using the money left over from the hotel stay to buy him food for the week.
Daniel Terry, communications director for the city of Mount Vernon, says he's submitting a letter to the City Council to make sure she's recognized for her kindness.