Mount Vernon woman catches mysterious illness in Dominican Republic

Mount Vernon woman catches mysterious illness in Dominican Republic

A 26-year-old Mount Vernon woman says she caught a mysterious illness while on vacation in the Dominican Republic.
At least nine Americans have died in the Dominican Republic over the past year, according to the U.S. State Department.
Meagan Correia says she was staying at the Grand Bahia Principe Aquamarine back in April when she got sick.
"I couldn't eat anything, I was really nauseous. And that's when we decided to go to the clinic," she says. "I actually coughed up, like a really weird looking bloody, fleshy blob.”

Correia says she had some sodas and water from her room's minibar, and that she never developed any stomach issues. But she did develop an itchy rash on her arms.

Her mother, Alexandra Correira, says she took her daughter to the resort's clinic to find out what was going on.     

Alexandra Correia says she is an EMS and was not impressed by a 26-year-old doctor who examined her daughter.

"From what she's telling me, he couldn't get a blood pressure on her. He tried numerous times. On the paper, it did state that he did get a blood pressure, which is not accurate. She had a fever,” she says.

Meagan Correia is still waiting for test results from her own doctor in Westchester to find out exactly what caused her to become sick in the Dominican Republic.
Officials in the Dominican Republic have called the deaths of Americans isolated incidents, and insist the island is safe.