Mount Vernon residents air grievances as officials try to figure out how to close $5.5M budget gap

Mount Vernon residents aired their grievances at City Hall as officials try to figure out how to close a $5.5 million gap in their budget.
As News 12 has reported, Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard and members of the City Council would like to use their fund balance to balance their 2021 budget.
However, officials say Comptroller Deborah Reynolds won't release how much money the city has in 36 of its 39 bank accounts.
The Westchester district attorney is looking into claims that Reynolds may be stealing taxpayer dollars, and the City Council is now issuing subpoenas to their banks to find out how much money the city has.
People at the meeting say they are fed up and are getting extremely worried because the city says if they can't balance the budget, 60 employees - including police officers, firefighters and DPW workers - may be laid off.