Mount Vernon pop-up vaccination site offers $100 gift card incentive for shot

A new pop-up COVID-19 vaccination clinic opened in Mount Vernon Thursday, and those who roll up their sleeve for the shot there will receive a spendable incentive.
People lined up at the pop-up vaccination clinic organized by Grace Baptist Church and the Mount Vernon Neighborhood Health Center Network on Thursday.
With the delta variant spreading fast and vaccination rates in Mount Vernon slowing down, community health leaders came up with an enticing incentive – a $100 Visa gift card.
"We're getting people coming out in droves now,” says Judith Watson, CEO of the Mount Vernon Health Center Network.
Rev. Sheila Simmons, of Grace Baptist Church, says, “We believe that this is an urgent matter. And based on our constituency here, we have to do something.”
Local health officials say Mount Vernon has a vaccination rate of 52%, which is the lowest in Westchester County.
“Everyone else is talking about the booster shot-- let's get you your first series of shots,” Watson says. “Save your life and the life of other people. If it takes an incentive, that what it takes.”