Mount Vernon cheerleaders to compete in AYF National Cheer Championships

In just a few days, the Mount Vernon United Cheer and Dance Team will compete for the first time at the AYF National Cheer Championships in Orlando, Florida.
The 30 girls are between 6 and 18 and are mostly from Mount Vernon and Yonkers.
Getting to this point wasn't easy. It took hard work - in and out of the gym. “The community we live in, there's a challenge every day. Walking to school, coming from school, living their every life, gun violence. We want them to be not a product of their society, but more than their society,” says Enjoli Pennemon, a parent and coach:
The team is leaving on Thursday and set up a GoFundMe to raise the last $3,000 needed for their trip.
As of this morning, they have more than doubled that amount in donations.