Mount Pleasant residents fight housing complex proposal

A Mount Pleasant Zoning Board meeting turned into a heated battle over a proposed housing development Monday night, as residents gave local officials an earful on a project they say will change the neighborhood for the worse.
Residents tell News 12 Westchester that their main concerns about the proposed housing complex on Columbus Avenue are traffic and taxes.
News 12 is told the property is currently owned by religious organization Legion of Christ and that developer Barker Residential has applied to buy the land between 582 and 590 Columbus Ave.
A representative of Barker Residential has confirmed the pursuit of a 73-lot cluster subdivision, along with two additional proposed lots.
Meanwhile, residents say they're afraid the 70 three- or four-bedroom homes would lead to overcrowding at the neighboring schools and higher taxes.
While it is unclear what, if any, effect the project would have on taxes, other residents also fear an increase in traffic.
“If you put that traffic on West Lake Drive, I’ll never get out of my road,” says Kelly Collins.
A public hearing is set for Oct. 16.