Mother of murdered toddler, activists call on lawmakers to pass Kyra's Law

Jacqueline Franchetti lobbied with activists in Albany Monday calling on lawmakers to pass a bill in her daughter's name, aimed at protecting kids in custody cases.
Kyra's Law seeks to change the way family court proceedings are handled in cases where there's allegations of domestic abuse or a parent's safety is in question.
“We have a child custody crisis right now in New York state," said Franchetti. "This is the epidemic that will outlast the current epidemic unless legislative changes like Kyra’s Law are enacted immediately.” 
The Long Island toddler was murdered by her father in 2016 during a court-approved visit - despite her mother’s warnings. 
Sen. James Skoufis is sponsoring the bill and says it’ll prevent tragedies like Kyra’s death from happening again.  
“This is actually unimaginable to literally have to put your 2-year-old daughter in a box and go to her funeral and bury her in the ground and know that if only some folks would have listened to you, it would’ve been preventable," said  Skoufis.
Kyra’s Law would require domestic violence training for judges and prioritize child safety over parents’ rights.