Mostly sunny and chilly today, seasonable temperatures for the start of winter tomorrow

Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Addison Green says there will be seasonable temperatures the rest of the week.
NEXT: A dry, but chilly stretch of weather continues until perhaps a shower or two late Saturday. Christmas and the start of Kwanzaa are looking good! 
THURSDAY - WINTER ARRIVES at 10:27 p.m. Mostly sunny and a bit breezy. Highs around 41 degrees. Lows near 24 degrees. 
FRIDAY: Mostly sunny and a bit colder. Highs around 37 degrees. Lows around 28 degrees. 
SATURDAY: Partly sunny to mostly cloudy. A spotty shower is possible, mainly late in the day. Highs around 42 degrees. Lows near 33 degrees.  SUNDAY (CHRISTMAS EVE): Sun and clouds. Highs around 46 degrees. Lows near 32 degrees.  MONDAY (CHRISTMAS DAY): Mostly sunny. Highs around 48 degrees. Lows near 30 degrees. 
TUESDAY: START OF KWANZAA -- Partly sunny to mostly cloudy. Highs around 53 degrees. Lows near 40 degrees. 
WEDNESDAY: Mostly cloudy with rain showers likely. Highs around 52 degrees. Lows around 38 degrees.