Morning rains before cloudy, warm Monday afternoon for the Hudson Valley

The News 12 Storm Watch Team forecast for the Hudson Valley.

News 12 Staff

May 3, 2024, 10:29 AM

Updated 15 days ago


News 12 Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Julian Seawright says the Hudson Valley will see morning rains come to an end before a cloudy and warm afternoon on Monday.
- Steady rain will continue and become scattered overnight.
- Patchy fog and some showers are expected for Monday morning.
- Temperatures warm back into the 70s Monday through Wednesday.
- An unsettled pattern continues this week as rain returns Tuesday night with chances of a thunderstorm on Wednesday.
OVERNIGHT: Cloudy with scattered showers and patchy fog developing. Lows near 50 degrees.
MONDAY: Any showers will end early, with areas of patchy fog clearing out by late morning. Staying cloudy but temperatures will warm to the upper-60s or near 70 degrees.
TUESDAY (PICK OF THE WEEK): Warm with a mix of sun and clouds during the day, clouds will increase in the evening with rain developing at night. Highs will be in the mid- to upper-70s.
WEDNESDAY: Cloudy and warm with scattered showers early with a possible afternoon isolated thunderstorm. Highs in the upper-70s. Lows in the upper-50s.
THURSDAY AND FRIDAY: It will be cooler, cloudy with scattered rain chances. Highs will be in the mid-50s to low-60s. Lows will be near 50 degrees.

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