Mock crash in Clarkstown reminds teen drivers to pump the brakes on bad behavior behind the wheel

A mock crash in Clarkstown Wednesday was designed to drive home a serious message to Rockland families and young drivers.
It was a simulated exercise with a stern lesson for teen drivers. The mock DWI crash, hosted by Clarkstown, hopes to pump the brakes on bad behavior behind the wheel.
Wednesday's event follows two DWI crashes that were fatal, including one in Clarkstown, and officials say it was that one in particular that sparked Wednesday's mock crash.
Vlady Hvalyk, 16, was laid to rest May 13, weeks after loved ones said goodbye to Jacqueline Zangrilli. They were both killed by drivers who were allegedly drinking.
It hits home for mom Anastasia Karassik, who spoke Wednesday. She lost her 13-year-old daughter to a drunk driver over Memorial Day weekend in 2015.
"Your decisions affect everyone. Be smart, be safe and make an alternative plan," she says.
The demonstration also comes as we head into the 100 most deadly days for teen drivers.