Metro-North uses ‘Water World’ gear to clear tracks of fallen foliage

Metro-North Railroad plans to utilize “Water World,” a system that will remove leaves from train tracks.
The “Water World” gear aims to let trains operate in a safe manner, without the risk of train wheels slipping.
"Safety is our No. 1 concern at Metro-North. Not only safety for our employees but also for our customers. And the Water World adds a level of safety for their commute," says Metro-North Railroad District Superintendent Michael Bottalico.
News 12’s Laura Haefeli confirmed with the company that leaves could be a possible reason that trains are delayed.
"In the fall, the leaves begin to fall and the trains go over the leaves that are covered on the tracks. What happens is the leaves leave an oily residue on the tracks themselves," says Metro-North Railroad General Foreman Jeovany Rivera.
Beginning in early October until after Thanksgiving, crews have been spraying 300 miles of railroad every night.
Water World’s two 10,000-gallon tanks were built by Metro-North Railroad, and it’s currently the only railway using it.