Metro-North threatens to withhold payments from NJ Transit if service doesn’t improve

Metro-North Railroad announced plans to withhold $3.4 million from New Jersey Transit if it doesn’t correct the Pascack Valley line.
The threat serves as a pressure move after numerous express trains were canceled. Last year, the only commuter rail into Rockland County experienced increased delays.
County Executive Ed Day says he has met with top Metro-North officials to discuss matters. Day plans to use NJ Transit’s monthly 15% payment to make improvements in Rockland.
“This cannot go on. People cannot keep explaining to their bosses why they aren't at work, or why they're late for work. It's got to stop,” says Day.
Some commuters believe withholding the funds isn’t the best idea.
“If they're withholding money, it's only going to hurt in the long run,” says commuter John Zaffuto.
According to the county executive, the money being withheld represents the services not being conveyed.
News 12 is told New Jersey Transit is reportedly hiring more engineers to decrease train cancellations. The railroad also says it must restore service to other parts of its system before the Pascack Valley line.