Mercy College adjunct professors demand living wage

Members of SEIU Local 200 United, the union now representing adjunct faculty at the college, are behind today's demonstration.

News 12 Staff

Oct 5, 2021, 11:18 AM

Updated 1,012 days ago


About a dozen union members demonstrated outside Ardsley Country club in Dobbs Ferry as the college held its annual golf fundraiser.
Professors say they have been bargaining with Mercy management for two years and that the college has refused to provide the adjunct faculty, who teach the majority of courses, with a living wage.
They say that affects the stability they need to focus on students and help them succeed. "We're trying to send a message to Mercy that the Mercy community deserves better. The adjunct professors and the students both deserve better. By improving our working conditions, we're improving our student's learning conditions," says Katherine Flaherty, adjunct professor.
Mercy College released a statement saying its current adjunct salary rates are on par with similar colleges in the region.

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