Meeting addresses damage to Port Chester Middle School

The Port Chester school board held a special meeting Tuesday to discuss how to repair the village's middle school.
The school district installed fences around the school as a temporary measure after a panel fell from the side of the building last October, costing the district $28,000 per month to rent and maintain.
The school board is estimating a permanent fix could cost anywhere between $6.9 million and $14.8 million.
The school board will decide on whether to use an existing $80 million bond to repair the school or ask voters to approve a new bond.
Some residents say they want to use the existing bond to repair the school, which they say needs to be done immediately. They are also concerned that home values will go down if voters approve another bond.
Residents opposing that idea say the school board should use the approved bond for projects that were already approved and that a new one should be put to a vote.
If the school board decides to present a new bond, it could go before voters as soon as February 2018.
The school board is estimating a groundbreaking for the repairs in June of 2019.