Meet the gubernatorial candidates: Andrew Giuliani

News 12 is taking a look at the candidates hoping to become the next governor of New York, and today’s focus turns to Republican Andrew Giuliani.
News 12’s Senior Reporter Tara Rosenblum catches up with the youngest person in the race...with a very familiar last name.
But now, the son of New York City's former mayor, Rudy Giuliani, is pursuing even higher political aspirations of his own, taking on the GOP designee Lee Zeldin and the handful of other Republicans in the race.
Giuliani says he thinks a June primary victory is within reach. “I think when you look at the numbers, one of the things that we've seen is we attract more Democrats, more Independents - look at the cross tabs at the Sienna Polls - by about 10% or 11 points than any of my other Republican nominees, friends of mine.”
At 36, Giuliani is also the youngest candidate for New York governor, but he says his life experiences more than qualify him to lead.
He is a former professional golfer who later served in the Trump White House and then as an analyst for the TV network Newsmax.
He describes the political environment in Albany as toxic and says he wants to bring a 'law and order' agenda to the state Capitol. “It will be the number one job of the governor of New York. Day one - to repeal bail reform and make sure we end the war on cops.”
He also thinks the state's educational goals needs an overhaul. When at the recent GOP convention on Long Island, he asked the assembled body - “How many of you, by show of hands, would stand up and say something if you believe your child was getting indoctrinated in schools? Well, it is so nice to be with so many domestic terrorists today, I must say (laughing). They can use that one if they want.”
While Giuliani's head-line grabbing remarks are certainly not playing well in Democratic circles in New York, they are making an impact on the campaign trail. At the convention, he excitedly pointed out his rising popularity in the polls. "There have been six statewide polls, and I has lead the way in all six."
Thursday night, News 12 will take a closer look at the life and career of Scarsdale businessman Harry Wilson.