Medical experts: Continuing drop in COVID-19 cases, deaths show that vaccines are working

More promising news is coming out in the United States' efforts to beat back the pandemic, with cases way down and a vaccine now easier to distribute.
COVID-19 cases are the lowest they've been in nearly a year, and are down in all 50 states, along with hospitalizations and deaths due to the virus.
Health experts say the positive numbers are proof that vaccines work.
And now, Pfizer's vaccine will be easier to distribute after the FDA announced the thawed vaccine can be stored for a month at normal refrigeration temperatures instead of just five days.
New data also shows that both Pfizer and Moderna's vaccines have cut down on infections in nursing homes, and protect from the virus variants first seen in India.
Both companies have been working on vaccine boosters against a variety of variants, but now Dr. Anthony Fauci says they may not be needed against specific variants.