Medical expert shares advice on Mother's Day gatherings when it comes to unvaccinated family members

Families across the Hudson Valley are gathering for what should be a celebration for Mother's Day, but differing viewpoints on the COVID-19 vaccine could make for some tense moments this year.
People who are fully vaccinated can safely get together with small groups of other fully vaccinated people.
Dr. Linda Drozdowicz, a child and adolescent psychiatrist at Blythedale Children's Hospital, says it's important to decide what type of gathering you feel is safest for you and your kids.
"People don't want to make waves, but at the same time COVID has brought up all these life and death fears which are not typically part of family gatherings. So, it has amplified some of the usual dynamics that might be there," Drozdowicz says.
She recommends speaking directly with family about your concerns, using "I" statements to explain yourself, and decide what type of gathering makes you most comfortable.
"You can only control what you can control, but you can control those things, so I would advise you to do what you think is right for your kids," she says.
Drozdowicz also encourages both parents to make tough decisions to protect themselves and their children.
Sixty percent of all New Yorkers age 18 and older have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, including more than 1 million people in the Mid-Hudson Valley region.
Drozdowicz says it's important not to vilify family members. Instead, remind your kids you are making certain decisions to protect everyone's health.