Massive water main break buckles streets in New Rochelle

A massive water main break caused road closures and loss of water in New Rochelle.
Crews on the scene tell News 12 a 16-inch pipe cracked, most likely due to the cold weather, around 4 p.m. Wednesday on Bridge Street by the Metro-North station.
Thousands of gallons of water gushed through surrounding streets, and, at one point, water poured down onto the train tracks causing flooding. "When we came out, I already knew that it was a water main break, but you could just see the water gushing out of the ground," says witness Odell Melvin.
The river of water not only caused a real mess with mud and puddles, but caused roadways to buckle under the pressure of the water. There were several road closures in the area including Huguenot Street, Division Street, Memorial Highway, Railroad Place, and Bridge Street.
Many residents dealt with low water pressure and some lost water for a time as crews worked to stop the water from flooding the streets.