Massive fire destroys abandoned boat club

A massive fire has destroyed an abandoned boat club in Hastings-on-Hudson.
Fire officials say the fire started at the Pioneer Boat Club, located near Southside Avenue, around 7 p.m. on Sunday.
Fire officials say crews had to stretch about 2,000 feet of hose from Southside Avenue and down an old bridge that's closed off to traffic to get to the fire.
Access was difficult so marine units from Hastings, Piermont and Westchester County were brought in to battle the flames from the water. Several other departments fought the flames from on land.
Fire officials say once the flames were out, crews contained the charred debris to protect the river and prevent environmental damage.
One firefighter did suffered a minor injury.
People in Hastings say they could see the smoke and flames coming off the Hudson River for miles away. "We were at home and we are sitting on our porch and we could see the smoke coming across the sky," says Sandra Clough, of Hastings-on-Hudson.
The Pioneer Boat Club has been abandoned for many years, but sources tell News 12 that it's become a hangout for local kids.
Investigators say they are still trying to determine the cause, but due to the extensive damage they may never be able to come up with an answer.