Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital celebrates opening of donor milk bank

A well-known Valhalla children’s hospital announced the launch of a milk donation program for pre-term babies on Wednesday.
Infants born at 28 weeks or earlier and weighing less than 2.2 pounds are eligible for the program. The milk is donated by screened and medically cleared mothers.
Health officials say pre-term milk is richer in protein and complete with calories that help premature babies grow.
“Our milk bank specifically procures, processes and dispenses premature human milk. Premature milk is packed with much more protein, much more immunologic factors, has higher calories than of-term milk,” says Boriana Parvez, medical director of the donor milk bank.
Since opening in 2015, Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital milk bank says it has seen a 70% reduction in a common and serious intestinal disease among pre-term infants.