Man whose father was fatally shot by police says Chauvin verdict is step in right direction

A Westchester man who knows what it feels like to lose someone in a police-involved shooting says the Derek Chauvin ruling is a step in the right direction.
Kenneth Chamberlain Jr. says he can't help but think about his father, Kenneth Chamberlain Sr., who was shot and killed by White Plains police in 2011 after he triggered his life alert medical device.
He says his family is still fighting in court to get justice for his father.
In that case, the officers weren't indicted and a lawsuit against the city and police department was tossed, leaving Chamberlain still waiting for justice.
"You can't say Black lives matter or you can't denounce racism on one side and then not hold your own city accountable or the officers in your city accountable," says Chamberlain Jr.
News 12 reached out to the city of White Plains for comment, but has not heard back.