Funeral services held for 5 Spring Valley family members who died in fire

Rudy Climaco's widow and father were given a certificate of honor at a remembrance ceremony for all five victims who died in the fire at 118 South Lake St. last month.

Blaise Gomez

Apr 13, 2023, 5:13 PM

Updated 411 days ago


Marisol Diaz held and rocked her sleeping daughter closely Thursday during a special remembrance ceremony for her husband, Rudy Climaco, their 3-year-old son and three other family members. 
Climaco and their toddler, Darwin, were among five people who were killed during a devastating blaze at their multifamily home at 118 Lake St. in Spring Valley March 4. 
Diaz was joined by dozens of loved ones at the event that was hosted by Spring Valley and the Guatemalan Consulate outside of Spring Valley Village Hall.  
She spoke to News 12 through an interpreter about the horrifying ordeal. 
“I was waiting for him downstairs and he never came,” said Diaz.  
Climaco was honored for his bravery and heroism during the blaze for saving his wife and daughter before going back into their burning home in an effort to save their son. 
Climaco’s father, Javier, clutched the award throughout the ceremony and cried when the Guatemalan National Anthem was played. 
“I know I lose my son, but this is a beautiful memory,” said Climaco.  
The tragedy has sent shockwaves through the community. 
A lawsuit filed by the survivors, including Diaz, alleges negligence surrounding the safety of their rental home.  
“I had to through myself down the stairs. I throw the baby first and then I throw myself,” said Diaz.  
Later in the day, mourners gathered at the Church of Saint Joseph and Saint Boniface for wake and funeral services. 
The victim’s remains will be flown back to their native country of Guatemala. 
When asked how their loved ones will be remembered, Climaco’s father said it was too painful to put into words. His wife was too grief-stricken to say much more. 
“He was a very good father and a good husband,” said Diaz.  

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