Man arrested in North Carolina for allegedly killing Newburgh dad in front of his kids

Ophelia Atkins hugs her daughter a bit tighter these days after she says the 5-year-old little girl and her 6-year-old sister witnessed their dad’s death in the city of Newburgh. 
“My daughter and her sister could’ve got killed in there. Quan got shot over 10 times.” 
The victim’s ex-girlfriend says the kids were with their dad, 29-year-old Daquan Corbett, when he was shot multiple times in September outside of his friend’s house on the corner of Washington and Clark Street. 
Atkins says Corbett just picked up the girls from cheerleading practice and that they were in his car when he was fatally shot on the street. 
She says the children were too afraid to speak up or get out of the car until a neighbor noticed them almost a half-hour later. 
“It never got mentioned that there were two girls that literally witnessed the whole thing,” said Atkins. “They were the last people that seen their dad alive, and you don’t think it should’ve gotten mentioned at all?” 
Authorities revealed that a 5-year-old boy riding his bicycle was injured in the gunfire. 
City of Newburgh police held a news conference Tuesday about the recent arrest of the alleged gunman, Lamont Williams, after they say he was found hiding in a closet of a mobile home in North Carolina. 
“We were able to track this person and arrest him,” said City of Newburgh Police Commissioner Jose Gomerez. 
Authorities wouldn’t comment about the girls witnessing the crime when News 12 asked for additional information. 
“This case is open,” said Gomerez. “If they did, it will be on the case, and we will not comment on the particulars of the case.” 
Ophelia says she reached out to News 12 so people know what happened to the victim’s children. 
She says the girls thought the gunfire was fireworks at first.
 “Every holiday, they expect him to be there,” said Atkins. “I just wished this situation never happened.” 
Police say Lamont Williams was arrested by U.S. Marshals and will be brought to New York, where he’ll be charged with murder.