'Love Your Lunch' program encourages students to be comfortable bringing cultural foods to school

Students in New Jersey who like to enjoy cultural foods at school are getting some new support with a problem some have come to call "lunch shaming."
Many students experience negative reactions from their peers if they bring food to the school cafeteria that is unfamiliar.
"The girl sitting across from me, she looked at my thermos and she said 'ew,' and then she made a face that told me she was disgusted," said student Lucy Williams.
Now, AAPI Montclair has started a "Love Your Lunch" initiative to help spread awareness about the issue and even encourage local businesses to get involved.
Roslyne Shiao, the group's director of Strategic Initiatives, said "we're just taking it little by little - one teacher at a time."
"If we can get them boxes and make a difference in one classroom at a time, that would be enough," Shiao added.
More information can be found at the group's website.