Local IT service: Massive data breach leaked billions of records from Twitter, other sites

Researchers are calling the latest data breach the "mother of all breaches."
The attack got its name because it leaked 26 billion records from popular sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Dropbox.
Richard Luna, from Protected Harbor, a managed IT services company in Orangeburg, broke down the attack for News 12.
He said it seemed that somebody gathered information that was already released to the public and tried to make it seem like it was a new attack.
Luna mentioned that he thinks these attacks are often attempts to muster up fear in everyday people, but explained that anyone could be susceptible to them. He shared tips on how people can protect their information.
"As long as you keep your phone up-to-date, your mobile devices, your desktops up-to-date.... you're not gonna be on the list," Luna said.
The CEO of the IT company said strong passwords and multi-factor authentication can also help protect your data.