Local GOP lawmakers push for cap on annual state spending

Local Republicans are pushing for a cap on how much the state spends a year.
There is currently no cap on how much the state spends. 
Assemblyman Mike Lawler and Yorktown Town Supervisor Matthew Slater are calling to implement one.

"What we've seen nationally and at the state level is spending that is unsustainable," says Lawler. "Put in a permanent 2% spending cap so that the state cannot increase a year over year spending by more than 2%."
They say it's about easing the cost of living for New Yorkers. Lawler says the state's spending has exceeded the rate of inflation over the past couple years.
"An astronomical increase...in large part because of the federal funding that has come to deal with COVID and other critical issues. But it is out of control," says Lawler. 
They believe with a lower budget, there are areas that can be prioritized.
They add that it's been on the table in Albany for a number of years.