LGBTQ flag featured in front of county building in White Plains

For the first time in Westchester history, an LGBTQ flag is flying high in the sky in front of the county building in White Plains.
Officials say they hope it sends a clear message to everyone who lives in Westchester that all are welcome there.
Residents and officials from Westchester County celebrated the first-ever LGBTQ flag raising ceremony Sunday.
Westchester County Executive George Latimer says Westchester will lead the way in showing all people can find common ground.

"The almighty requires three things and that is our task: to do justice, to love mercy and to walk humbly. Now, not a lot of humble walking going on right now in some of the halls of government, but we will try to do the right thing. Those of us here, those of us in the our towns, in our villages and in our cities,” says Latimer.

Many, including Joann Prinzivalli of the Westchester LGBTQ Advisory Board, said the vivid rainbow below the county flag is a testament that as the federal government chisels away at LGBTQ rights, Westchester will continue to protect them.

"We dedicate ourselves to the unfinished work and remember those who have gone before us and are not forgotten. We pledge that their work and our work shall not have been in vain and that we will prevail,” says Prinzivalli.
The flag will now be raised every year.