Leaked video appears to show Monsey teacher beating yeshiva student in class

A leaked video shared with News 12 appears to show a yeshiva student allegedly being beaten in class by a teacher in Monsey.
The video, sent via Twitter, shows the student screaming in pain beneath his desk as he is kicked in the stomach and then removed from class by his teacher.
Sources close to the victim tell News 12 a classmate recorded the incident at Yeshiva Shar Efriam in Monsey in 2016 when the boy was 14 years old.
While too scared to speak publicly, they say the teen decided to share the video to highlight what others still face in private, ultra-Orthodox schools.
Former yeshiva student and abuse survivor Shulim Leifer saw the video online and says it gives a painful and rare glimpse into what many students and their families face daily in silence, out of fear.
"The feelings of helplessness and the lack of care for the well-being is sort of ubiquitous throughout this system," syas Leifer.
Jewish education activist Naftuli Moster also saw the video and said by email that more accountability is needed.
"Only a real system of oversight can ensure these schools are held to basic standards, including on education and child safety," says Moster.
Staff at Yeshiva Shar Efriam say they are under new administration and that the teacher allegedly seen in the video is no longer there. News 12 reached out to the East Ramapo School District, Rockland County and the state Department of Education for comment but have not heard back.
Ramapo police are now investigating the incident.
So far, it's not clear who is responsible for overseeing teaching methods and allegations of corporal punishment in private schools.