Lawsuit sought to force Hudson Valley hospital to use Ivermectin on COVID-19 patient

The controversy over using the drug Ivermectin on people with COVID-19 is the subject of a lawsuit involving a Hudson Valley hospital.
A local woman sued a Dutchess County hospital to get her dying husband the anti-parasitic drug -- it's the latest example of people fighting to use non-evidence-based science to treat COVID-19.
The woman's husband was in the ICU at Vassar Brothers Health Center in Poughkeepsie with COVID-19, according to court documents.
The 85-year-old man was fully vaccinated, but his health was declining so his wife turned to a treatment she'd researched online -- Ivermectin.
Both the attorney representing the woman and an infectious disease expert weighed in on the topic with News 12.
"He did everything that they asked him to do, including being vaccinated. and now he's asking for a chance to live," said lawyer Ralph Lorigo.
The man died before the judge ruled on the case.
In a response to the lawsuit, Nuvance Health, the parent company of Vassar Brothers, said it did not offer Ivermectin because "[it's] not supported by the medical community as a treatment for COVID-19."
Infectious disease expert Dr. Harish Moorjani agrees.
"You are going to mislead people into interventions that don't work and take them away from interventions like vaccinations and monoclonal antibodies that do work," says Moorjani.
The FDA has not approved Ivermectin to treat COVID-19, mainly because available data doesn't show it's effective against the virus.