Lawmakers to end rule requiring people to buy food with alcohol on Wednesday

State lawmakers will end the law requiring people to buy food with alcohol on Wednesday.
Patrons at Yonkers Brewing Company, like Jim Lillis, say it's a positive step forward in the state's economic recovery.
"We've all been staying safe but you know, as we get closer to normal it's all better for all of us," says Llllis.
The rule dates to last July and was aimed at keeping people in their seats and not mingling with strangers, where the virus is more likely to spread.
Nearly one-third of New Yorkers are now fully vaccinated, and the focus is on helping small businesses.
For months, bar and restaurant owners have called the law into question, saying it's arbitrary, inconvenient and drives business away.
Yonkers Brewing Company owner and City Councilman John Rubbo agrees.
"It's great because sometimes you have folks who want to come in, they want to sit down to enjoy a drink. They may order something but we're not limiting the number of customers that we can bring in because they're forced to order a meal," says Rubbo.
Lawmakers are not addressing the strict last call on these businesses - the midnight curfew remains in place.