Latimer: Memorial Field one month away from being finished

Mount Vernon residents are rejoicing to hear that a contractor is about a month away from completely turning an eyesore back into a stadium.
Westchester County Executive George Latimer announced Tuesday that Memorial Field on East-Sandford-Boulevard is about a month from being finished.
The county is putting $20 million into the project, and the state is putting in $5 million.
The project was severely delayed due to supply issues caused by the pandemic.
Community members say they are ecstatic to hear that the field is going to be ready by the fall football season.
"They could do it all because they hit enough room in the stands. It's going to fit almost 4,000. So they have the room. It's a big lot. Other high schools are smaller. This thing's big, so it takes a lot more time than it should," says Lam Lynch, of Mount Vernon
The City of Mount Vernon is going to operate it once construction is complete.

Latimer envisions it being a great site for Section 1 football playoffs.