Journalism Institute's conversation on intolerance includes News 12's Hate At Home project

With reports of hate crimes surging across the country, the Journalism Institute held a national conversation on intolerance Wednesday, and it included News 12's Turn to Tara investigation, Hate at Home.
The National Press Club hosted the event to help identify the trends in hate crime attacks, which are on the rise against Asian, Jewish and Black Americans in the Hudson Valley and across the country.
The roundtable discussion featured journalists that included reporters from the Washington Post, and News 12's Tara Rosenblum.
One question posed was how to show empathy when interviewing people who've encountered hate.
"I found out through this process [that] the best thing you can do at the start is ask them how they want to be labeled -- 9 out of 10 times ... their answer was, 'Survivor.'"
Tara and her team spent two years documenting incidents of hate and bias across the tri-state and created an interactive database of neighborhoods.
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