Jewish education activist says he received death threat

A Jewish education activist in Rockland says he received a death threat amidst a public push for equal education standards in yeshivas.
Naftuli Moster's activism is behind growing state scrutiny into ultra-Orthodox private schools, claiming students aren't being taught basic subjects as required by law.
He says an apparent critic left him a voicemail message in Yiddish cursing and threatening to kill him last week.
The message allegedly said, "Hi Naftuli Moster - I just want to let you know, I'm going to murder evil person, your blood will spill. You animal, you snitch. Bye."
Moster says he notified Clarkstown police of the threat.
Moster, a former Hasidic yeshiva student, has spent the last decade advocating for better education for ultra-Orthodox children, founding an organization called Young Advocates for Fair Education. Moster and YAFFED are credited with shining a spotlight on how tens of thousands of Hasidic yeshiva students are allegedly being taught in school.
State law requires yeshiva students receive a similar education to those in public schools - but Moster says that's not happening, leaving young adults in the community uneducated in basic subjects like English and math.
And while the publicity appears to be frowned upon by critics within the intensely private religious community, Moster says the threat isn't going to silence him anytime soon.
Clarkstown police say they are actively investigating the threat but that no arrests have been made so far.