Jacob Burns Film Center to reopen after closing last March due to pandemic

A Pleasantville cultural arts center is set to reopen to the public on April 30 after being closed for a year.
Pleasantville resident Christine Kosky says she's thrilled to hear the center is reopening soon.
"It's just a great place to be," says Kosky. "Really nice, they have such a diversity of movies."
Margot Amgott, executive director of the Jacob Burns Film Center, believes the industry is hugely disrupted.
"Netflix, can only go so far,” says Amgott. “The moving pictures are hugely disrupted, as you can tell from award shows and everything else."
Though the theater is reopening, the experience will be a lot different than it did last year.
Updated safety and social distancing protocols are now in place, and the center installed a new air filtration system.
"It is top of the line, it exceeds the New York state standards, for refreshing air,” says Amgott.
Another safety measure the Jacob Burns Film Center will have is an outside box office. Officials say the goal is to limit time spent indoors and prevent moviegoers from lingering in the lobby.
The center only plans to open its three largest theaters at 25% capacity, which is about 50 people per theater.