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It’s possible: Man vs. Impossible takes on News 12’s Thunderbolt 12

He has physically pulled jets, planes and cars. Now he’s taking on a News 12 SUV.

News 12 Staff

Nov 14, 2019, 1:25 AM

Updated 1,683 days ago


He has physically pulled jets, planes and cars. Now he's taking on a News 12 SUV.
This real-life superhero responsible for the weighty actions goes by the name of Man vs. Impossible, the patriotic all-American superhero of hope.
Man vs. Impossible says he didn't get this strong overnight.
"Twenty years of training, overcome challenges...I've lost weight, where I used to be a great, big guy. Now I'm more of like a sprinter..just the hours of weightlifting," he says.
Now he's touring the entire country on a special mission.
"To provide hope and inspiration. To encourage millions of people to accomplish the impossible in their life," he says.
Man vs. Impossible is proving the impossible in a 100-day nationwide tour, visiting places like the White House and children's hospitals.
The tour could not be complete without pulling News 12's Thunderbolt 12.
News 12 was there with his partner, Woman Possible, to see if he could take on the challenge.
"I can pull anything, anywhere, anytime...I'm going to pull you to Times Square," he said.
His tour is almost over, but Man Vs. Impossible will be back. He hopes to have a yearlong tour in 2020.
"I wanna show everybody don't stop. Don't let these little challenges get in your way. Everyone is a superhero and everyone is a superhero at heart, because if we live that way, this would be such a better place," he says.

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