Irvington village voters to decide on $18M bond referendum to expand firehouse, building municipal complex

The village says the new complex would give firefighters the space they need to operate safely.

Emily Young

Oct 30, 2023, 9:34 PM

Updated 177 days ago


Irvington village voters will soon decide on a new $18.2 million bond referendum.
The proposal aims to expand the firehouse and build a new municipal complex.
The Irvington Fire Department has been operating out of its current building since the 1960s.
"It's very tight. The trucks are very close together, so you have to use extreme caution when the members are getting on and off the truck. " explains Fire Chief James Ruffler.
Without a proper decontamination area or even a shower to clean themselves from cancer-causing contaminants, they're making it work any way they can.
"We do our best with the garden hose," says Ruffler. "You have to hose the contaminants off your gear."
The village says the new complex would give firefighters the space they need to operate safely.
Office buildings currently in Town Hall would be moved to the complex, and the main floor of Town Hall would be turned into a grand lobby for the Irvington Theater with a box office.
The justice court would get an ADA compliant elevator, as well as other security upgrades.
Police headquarters would see much-needed locker rooms and evidence rooms.
All this would cost the taxpayer around $960 a year.
Jeffrey Glueck, of Taxpayers for Irvington’s Future, is against the proposal, saying the cost will end up being $32 million, if interest is included. He says the location is also too small for the village's proposal.
"We could put this on a four-lane road where we have space, and we can arrive faster with first responder needs," says Glueck.
But he knows the firefighters need help.
"The town has not offered a single option to taxpayers about paying for some fix to the firehouse instead of this $32 million project," he said.
The village is hosting a special meeting to discuss the complex tonight.

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