Initiatives underway to stop WC Airport expansion, preserve water supply

Initiatives underway to stop WC Airport expansion, preserve water supply

New initiatives are underway to prevent the Westchester County Airport expansion and preserve the water supply in and around the area.
Rye Brook resident Marla Striar and her family live beneath the Westchester County Airport's flight path. She joined dozens of concerned residents Wednesday in support of proposals to protect the water around the airport and to protect people's health.

Environmentalist George Klein, spokesperson for "Coalition to Prevent Airport Expansion," says any expansion at the airport is a bad idea.

“The airport is an industrial facility in the heart of Westchester. We understand it's there but we don't want it to get any bigger and become more of a threat,” he says.

Klein says the water supply from 52 wells at the airport have tested positive for the toxic chemical, PFAS.
The problem stems from the 1980s when the Air National Guard used firefighting foam during testing exercises. The coalition is asking the county and state legislators to mandate water testing twice a year, ban PFAS foam and improve water wells.
County Legislator Nancy Barr says the county should move forward with the measures.

“We live in a very expensive place, we pay high taxes and we certainly expect to be able to drink the water that is set aside for us,” she says.

The Department of Environmental Protection reports the water in the neighboring Kensico Reservoir is not contaminated.