Infrastructure bill approval could give boost to electric vehicle purchases

Buying an electric or hybrid vehicle may be more attractive if funding to expand charging stations countrywide is approved.

News 12 Staff

Aug 12, 2021, 9:45 PM

Updated 1,066 days ago


Buying an electric or hybrid vehicle may be more attractive if funding to expand charging stations countrywide is approved.
The infrastructure bill passed earlier this week by the Senate includes $7.5 billion to increase the number of stations across the country.
However, the bill doesn’t expand incentives for electric vehicle purchases.
Critics say it’s unfortunate because that’s needed to reach the Biden administration’s goal to see half of all new car purchases in the United States be electric and hybrid by 2030.
"Electric vehicles are growing immensely in popularity,” says Joseph Youssef, of Nissan of New Rochelle.
According to the general sales manager, customers are buying electric cars like the Leaf over Gas cars because of concerns for the environment.
“There [are] zero emissions, there is zero oil, there is zero everything. You are charging your car and going,” says Youssef.
Electric cars can now go hundreds of miles without charging, but the salesman still believes more stations are needed.
"It's going to give people a lot more peace of mind to [say] you know what? I can actually buy this electric car,” says Youssef.
New Rochelle resident Jonathan Gray wants the increase of charging stations, too. He leased a new hybrid vehicle five months ago and believes in the benefits. “It saves on gas, that’s the bottom line,” says Gray.
Gray says he’s happy to help cut greenhouse gas emissions. “This global warming is really serious…Electric is the way to go.”

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