Information center opens for nonprofit that pairs visually impaired with guide dogs

The nonprofit organization Guiding Eyes for the Blind celebrated the grand opening of its brand new information center on Commerce Street in Yorktown Heights.
At the center, there will be dog training classes and a place to meet others in the community, as well as their seeing eye dogs.
Guiding Eyes does everything from breeding to training. The organization then pairs the dogs with those who are visually impaired.
Guiding Eyes special gifts officer Rebekah Cross has a rare degenerative condition that caused her to go blind in her 20s.
She received her dog, Regal, from Guiding Eyes four years ago.
"She helps me navigate with the most confidence, whether it's through the office, whether I'm traveling and it's through the airport, she helps me find things," Rebekah Cross says.
Guiding Eyes for the Blind is a nonprofit organization that relies on the donations of its community to provide guide dogs completely free of charge to people with vision loss.