Hudson Valley senator calls for delay to MTA’s congestion pricing policy

The MTA says it's moving forward with congestion pricing by the end of next year making New York the first city in the U.S. to charge drivers an extra fee for entering the busiest areas.
State Sen. Elijah Reichlin-Melnick is calling on the MTA to delay its plan until those west of the Hudson have a one-seat train ride to Manhattan.
He's also requesting the MTA appoint a representative from Rockland to its Traffic Mobility Review Board, which is giving recommendations on the project.
"I understand that the MTA needs money. It can't come on the back of people who have no other good options for getting into the city," said Reichlin-Melnick.
News 12 wants to know if viewers are still going to stop driving into the city because of congestion pricing or will they continue driving for their commute.