Hudson Valley homeowners test for 'forever chemicals' found in multiple drinking water sources

What's in my water? That's the question many homeowners are now asking as more information comes out concerning "forever chemicals" that have been found in multiple Hudson Valley drinking water sources.
Heidi Safriet, of Purchase, is one of hundreds of Hudson Valley homeowners contacting York Analytic Laboratories Inc., which is based in Nyack and Queens, to have extensive testing on their drinking water for PFAS.
PFAS, also known as "forever chemicals," don't break down easily and have been linked to cancer, kidney disease and birth defects.
"Just in the last two years, our requests from homeowners and from local home vendors has doubled," says Michael Beckerich, of York Analytical Laboratories.
Last week, a state advisory board recommended that seven additional PFAS "forever chemicals" be designated as emerging contaminants.
"Literally everything you do every day involves water in your home, so we all need to be comfortable with what we are ingesting," says Safriet.
The forever chemical has been found in many water sources, including in Newburgh where PFAS traced to firefighting foam used at airports contaminated the city's water source.
Safriet lives near Westchester County Airport.
"Yeah, it does concern me. I think it should concern everybody," she says.
The testing costs about $1,000 - a price Safriet says she is willing to pay to know that her family is safe.
So what can you do if "forever chemicals" are found in your drinking water?
There are filtration systems that can be installed in homes or apartment buildings, but those systems cost thousands of dollars.
Test results through York Analytical Laboratories take just over a week.