Houses of worship take heightened security measures following shootings

Houses of worship take heightened security measures following shootings

Many houses of worship remain on high alert in Westchester after Saturday’s deadly synagogue attacks in San Diego.
Heightened security measures had already been put into place at Chabads around Westchester for six months, following the massacre at a Pittsburgh synagogue that left 11 victims dead.
Rabbi Avrohom Butman, of Chabad of Westchester in Scarsdale, says they have an armed guard during services, when children come for preschool and for Hebrew school.
“Unfortunately the forces of evil, of not good, have on a lesser scale, they had that power as well, so we are all together,” he says.

Millie Jasper is the executive director of the Holocaust and Human Rights Education Center in White Plains. The center is dedicated to educating students about hate.

“We believe children are not born with hate in their hearts and we believe children learn this, and so we try to show how hate speech and hate language manifests itself into hate actions,” says Jasper.

At Chabad, Rabbi Avrohom wants to remind people of all religions that there's no tolerance for hate and there's more light than darkness.

“If every individual has the power to inflict so much evil and suffering, how much moreso do we have the power to spread light, goodness, and we really have to remember that,” says Butman.