Holtec: Decommissioning Indian Point would take 1/6 time allotted by NRC

The company that plans to buy Indian Point says it can complete decommissioning of the nuclear plant by the 2030s.
An application to expedite the transfer of Indian Point’s ownership and a $2 billion decommissioning fund from Entergy to Holtec International was submitted Friday.           
Holtec's timeline to decommission the plan would be one-sixth of the time allotted by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission or NRC.

Peekskill resident Courtney Williams says she wants to see her nuclear neighbor shut down using best practices, and she doesn’t think Holtec is the company to do it.

"That is why we are fighting here in the community to make sure the NRC doesn't just bulldoze over us, hand this license to Holtec and walk away leaving us to hold the bag here,” she says.

In a news release, Holtec’s president stated "By beginning decommissioning earlier, Holtec will be able to maintain and create jobs and work towards releasing the plant site earlier so it can be repurposed generating replacement tax revenue."

This could benefit both the village of Buchanan and the town of Cortlandt, which both stand to lose substantial amounts of tax revenue after the plant closes.

Local and state officials both say they want to see the NRC make a decision with the community in mind.

"It is our hope that the Public Service Commission will utilize that and slow this thing at a minimum and take a look at Holtec, are they the right actor to be doing this job?” asks Sen. Peter Harckham.
Holtec officials say they plan to submit documents to the NRC by the end of the year detailing a schedule and cost estimate to decommission Indian Point.          

Environmental group Riverkeeper is demanding the NRC deny the transfer of Indian Point’s license to Holtec.The group is calling on Gov. Andrew Cuomo "to assert the state’s jurisdiction to supervise the license transfer, reject Holtec and ensure that there is a robust and transparent oversight of the decommissioning process."
A spokesperson for Holtec said in a statement, "Safety is Holtec’s number one priority. Along with our partners, Holtec has decades of experience safely managing complex projects involving spent nuclear fuel and decommissioning.  Holtec will do what’s right for the local community and New York by conducting the safe and efficient decommissioning of Indian Point that will create a safe environment that enables the land to be suitable for reuse.”