Historic Rockland church: Local construction company did shabby job on leaky roof

The Brook Native American Presbyterian Church in Hillburn says a local construction company didn't address leaks in its roof that ultimately led to its ceiling to partially collapse this past spring.
Now they want Add Ventures Inc. to return and finish the job, but they say they are ignoring requests to do so.
The church dates to the late 1800s. Church leader Carla Alexander told News 12 that the church hired Add Ventures to install a new roof for $27,000. Sections of the ceiling collapsed, however, in April.
"We thought as a small village, we have always stuck together in this community, that they would do right by us. But apparently, they just slapped it together and called it a day,” said Alexander. “They took the money and went on about their business."
Other construction businesses say it will cost more than $10,000 to complete roof repairs. That doesn't include addressing the damage inside the sanctuary and their new kitchen.
"We got a lot of work to do, but it's worth saving," said Alexander.
News 12 was told that the owner of Add Ventures is out of town and will comment when he returns.