Hiker dies in Harriman State Park

A hike turned deadly at Harriman State Park Sunday after a 40-year-old suffered cardiac arrest.
News 12 has been told that it happened about a half-mile into the woods from the Reeves Meadow Visitor Center at the park.
Police say the man was hiking along the blue trail when he fell ill. It took first responders about 45 minutes to get to him.
They immediately performed CPR, but officials say the man did not survive.
Hikers say the big problem on the trails is that there is no cellphone service.
"You're usually depending on other hikers if there's a problem. There's no rangers here,” says Rich Gellis, of Suffern.
This is the second time in recent weeks that emergency crews were called to Harriman State Park but were too late. Earlier this month, an 18-year-old from New Jersey drowned at Pine Meadow Lake inside the park.  The victim's friends said they had a tough time calling for help because of poor cellphone service.
"You could be out here four to six hours doing big loops of trails and not necessarily have to cross the same path twice,” said one hiker.
Police have still not identified the 40-year-old man. An investigation continues into his official cause of death.