Hendrick Hudson School District pushes for bus camera bill to keep kids safer

With stop arm cameras, there would be real-time footage to fine and hold violators accountable.

News 12 Staff

Jan 13, 2023, 8:24 PM

Updated 517 days ago


A Westchester school district is pushing for a bill it hopes will keep your kids safer.
The Hendrick Hudson School District is taking the next step in moving to get legislation approved in Westchester County to improve school bus riders' safety.
"We've shared the data, the unfortunate data from what was pulled from the stop arm cameras," says Hendrick Hudson Superintendent Joseph Hochreiter.
Back in November, News 12 shared those findings from a pilot program called BusPatrol. The school district found its stopped buses were passed illegally 367 times in the span of two months.
"It's a real concern for any superintendent, should be a concern for any family member or any resident of any community ... we need some legislation to have some teeth," says Hochreiter.
The school district has about 2,200 students and all are eligible to ride a bus in morning and afternoon.
"That's over 4,400 opportunities where kids could be subject to a really bad decision a driver makes," says Hochreiter.
With stop arm cameras, there would be real-time footage to fine and hold the violator accountable.
New York currently has a law that allows stop arm cameras, but each county must pass its own bill to enforce it within its school districts.

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