Headlines: New Rochelle officers cleared, hit-and-run sentencing, “kill list” suspect sent to prison

Here are some stories making headlines across the Hudson Valley.
The New Rochelle Police Department is clearing all officers of any wrongdoing following a deadly shooting.  An internal investigation found none of the officers involved in Kamal Flowers' death violated any department policies or procedures. The 24-year-old victim was fatally shot after police say he pointed a gun at an officer last June. A handgun was recovered at the scene.
A Hastings-on-Hudson man has been sentenced to one year behind bars for a deadly hit-and-run crash. Johnny Machado admitted to hitting 91-year-old Rocco DePaolo. DePaolo was struck and killed in 2019 while walking home from a high school football game on Route 9 in Dobbs Ferry .
An Orange County man will spend five years in prison for threatening to shoot up Washingtonville High School in 2018. Authorities say Brendan Vaughan, of Campbell Hall, created a “kill list” and visited a website to buy a gun. Officials say he made another kill list in 2019 that included family members, classmates, and the prosecutor assigned to his case.