Haverstraw Center and Catholic Charities of Rockland help keep homeless warm in winter

There is no official homeless shelter in all of Rockland County - no one place where single adults can stay 24/7 through the winter.
There is a warming center at the Haverstraw Center, but it was empty Monday when temperatures dipped below 30.
It seems COVID-19 is driving people away - even in the cold.
The warming center in Haverstraw only operates by day, so Catholic Charities Community Services of Rockland buses people from Haverstraw, Nyack and Spring Valley to its overnight warming center in Pomona.
"Pre-COVID, we got up to 50, 60 people. With COVID, we're hovering around the 20-23 mark," says Dennis Rolon, warming center manager of Catholic Charities Community Services of Rockland.
Both organizations working together don't make an official homeless shelter, but they assure that they are taking all the steps to keep everyone safe and healthy.